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Best Asian Restaurants in Orlando


Best Asian Restaurants in Orlando

Not to be dramatic, but it was quite difficult gathering a list of the best Asian restaurants in Orlando because there are so many distinct cultures in the Asian community that its tough to know where to start. There is a large population of Vietnamese restaurants in the city of Orlando, which makes choosing a favorite Vietnamese restaurant a very delicate process. Two respective Vietnamese restaurants on that made it on this list is Saigon Noodle and Vietnam Cuisine is well known and loved, but certainly not the only restaurant in town for a bowl of delicious Pho. Nonetheless, this list is Asian covers a vast collection of the best culinary goodness, whether it’s Tamarind’s Indian, Thai Purple Orchid’s affordability and authentic gifts, or the Malaysian delightful menu at Mamak Asian Street Food, but we’re going to be covering restaurants from India, Korea and much more!


You don’t have to order the all you can eat at Korea House, but it’s particularly fun if you’re new to Korean barbecue and want to experience the vast variety available. Thin cuts or thick, you’ll have a great time grilling your own dinner. If it’s your first time, be sure to ask servers for helpful hints to avoid overcooking and get the most out of your experience. Delicious mouthwatering delectable like short ribs, rib-eye, lamb chop, and much more. But if you’re not into heavy duty bulgogi, no worries, there are other Korean tastiness in the form of bibimbap (mixed rice, a classic from Korea) tteokbokki (spicy fish and rice cakes) and also awaits savory stir-fry options.

Vietnam Cuisine

Vietnam Cuisine is family-run with a vast menu of Vietnamese dishes from appetizers to sizzling entrees to the brothy soup delicacy called Pho. Pho is Vietnam’s most famous noodle soup! Often including giant, steaming, noodle-filled bowls with a selection of either chicken or beef soup, and topped with tendon, tripe, and squid. In addition, the menu has a variety of different dishes such as simmering hot pots, sauce laden fish, or Pho 88 has the banh-mi, which is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich. It would take you a while to get through the menu but it’s worth trying.


Chuan Lu Yuan, a Mills 50 restaurant building that operates as part of the larger Ginza steakhouse. Chuan Lu Yuan is an authentic restaurant that serves Szechuan dishes such as hot pots, hand-pulled noodle soups, and many other selections of dishes for the common food explorer, many of which will seem delightfully new to people who are more adapted to Americanized Chinese prices. While there are options available for those less interested in straying outside their comfort zones, we recommend you bring several bold dining companions, ask lots of questions for your server, and experiment over time!


Thai Purple Orchid Café is a modest little jewel in an aging Colonial Drive strip center, serve it up with just the right amount of Eastern spice owned by Sonia (a UCF graduate) and her mom, Nisa (a former pharmacist) who welcomes all customers, whether it’s UCF students, teachers, employers, etc., who come for a very reasonably priced and authentic cost in a clean, nice place that feels sort of like your friend’s mom’s kitchen. Feel free to ask questions about goods or dishes; the staff here are friendly and the food is amazing!


For authentic Chinese dine-in or delivery, you can’t go wrong with Tasty Wok. A favorite in Colonial Town North (the Mills 50 neighborhood is a center of so many Vietnamese restaurants). This unpretentious restaurant is well known for its scallion pancakes, noodle soups, congee, roast duck and chow fun, all of which are served up in heaping portions for reasonable prices.


Not all of Winter Park’s great restaurants are hidden in tiny urban areas. Many are in plain sight, in this case with Tamarind Indian Cuisine, where great South and North Indian cuisine surmounted the obstacles of becoming a local favorite. Open for lunch and dinner but it closes in between – regulars and those soon-to-be revels in the flavors and textures of tandoor meats, delicious masalas, chewy naan, massive doses and a wide array of vegetarian selections for those who forgo the meat. Waiting is common during the busiest evenings, but that’s because Tamarind’s consumers know precisely why they’re coming.


King Bao is located in the ancient Mills 50 neighborhood Fun to say and definitely fun to eat, offers cheap Asian steamed bun delicacy. King Bao’s fluffy, dough balls are beyond reasonable – $7 for a two-bao combo, $9 for three and it’s loaded with fatty, crunchy, crispy, creamy and a whole bunch of other ingredients in their tender buns. Try the Inner Harbor (Maryland-style crab cake, Old Bay mustard aioli, and scallions) alongside the Glenn Rhee (marinated Korean short rib, Asian pear salsa and cilantro). Add a side of tots, spiced up with items like truffle oil, braised pork or vegan-friendly faux bacon but be sure to save room for the dessert bao.


Sapporo Ramen is a Japanese restaurant enclosed in an Asian strip downtown on Colonial Drive called Chinatown Plaza! Head to the counter and order up some katsu, udon, octopus-stuffed takoyaki, or get yourself a bowl of steamy ramen. Choose your broth and ingredients while having the option to add extra components if you like for a more enriching surprise. If your only experience with ramen is the brands you ate in college, stop by Sapporo Ramen for the real deal.


Just about every Orlando local has a favorite spot for Vietnamese and competition among restaurants is stiff, particularly in the Mills 50/Colonial town neighborhood where most of the Vietnamese restaurants are compact. Saigon Noodle & Grill is located outside this urban area and provides ample amounts of parking space such as the main dish Pho and many other Vietnamese delights. House specialties like birds nests, steaming Pho, crisp spring rolls and a host of meat-and-rice-based dishes await. With very welcoming owners who are usually available and happy to accommodate customers with unique diet restrictions, pointing out gluten-free dishes as well as modifying others tailored to the individual.


It is a well air-conditioned restaurant miles away from the sultry Southeast Asian climes in which one would enjoy the flavors of the Malaysian food stalls, but Mamak Asian Street Food brings you the experience locally, no matter how small and large the dishes, will invite you to an exotic journey without the need to travel. From the accustomed (spring rolls, street tacos) to items, the might deem out-there (fish balls, curry gravies) its menu comes from various Asian nations mixing flavors that are just begging to be eaten.


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