I was amazed by my first experience with real authentic sushi introduced to me by my friends. I was blown away by the savor of the fresh, raw fish which is combined with real sushi rice (sushi is the seasoned rice combined with other ingredients), and amazing temaki presented in small cones of crisp seaweed. But what makes good sushi? Many would agree that authentic and traditional sushi would be the best experience.

It wasn’t so long ago that sushi was still considered an exotic delicacy by many, one too strange and outside the box to pay much attention to. Today, there are sushi restaurants across America of just about every area, from small to big, any place turning out to make decent California rolls or tuna/salmon nigiri is generally ran by renowned international chefs, so let us take a dive so we can see why these restaurants are considered the local favorite.

Here are the most amazing sushi restaurants located Orlando Florida:


This I-Drive restaurant caters to tourists or locals looking to try the Japanese cuisine experience after a long hard day at work. Beyond being well known for sushi, this authentic Japanese establishment offers other delicious dishes such as ramen, bento boxes, grilled fish and various appetizers. This is possibly the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Orlando, the Shio Butter Ramen was extremely delicious.

Sushi Pop

One of the best and most innovative sushi spots in Central Florida. Featuring traditional nigiri dishes such as the Saba (mackerel), hamachi (yellowtail) or uni (urchin) are a good start! You can sit at the bar and talk to the chef about anything! The food and service here is outstanding and closes at 10pm, but if you get in before 10pm, they will still fulfill your order! The flavors of each dish are so fresh you will be mesmerized and delighted. Any rolls with eel on it is extremely delicious, and some single order sushi roll recommendations are Sugi Sugi, Low Rider, Volcano Roll, Black Widow, Cobra Kai & Coconut shrimp! The Everything Bagel made with salmon and crème fraiche prepared with a beautiful presentation of the dish.

Kabooki Sushi

The sushi here is spectacular and is highly recommended. Kabooki sushi, though not as traditional, is still considered one of the most authentic sushi restaurants in Orlando, whether you try the special rainbow roll, Hawaiian XO, or the awesome 14 piece Nigiri Roll, you will be amazed by their selection with fresh seasonal seafood ingredients and each bite features the most delicate flavors. Happy hour specials from Sunday to Thursday from 5 pm to 7 pm. The owners really care about their customers, so they recommend brands and varieties that are not often found in the United States.

Shin Japanese Cuisine

This Japanese restaurant is part of a section of the business district in downtown Orlando. The sushi is very compact, fresh and very authentic. It’s the only one in Orlando that has a nigiri roll specifically for vegetarians, which is great. It’s an ideal place go to for lunch if you’re near the downtown area. The Garden Roll was an absolutely amazing dish, highly recommended. Fresh fish specials reciprocate weekly, and their sashimi is always delicate and sumptuous.

Seito Sushi

You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, the special rolls are all worth the experience! The food here is fresh, creative, comfortable atmosphere with high-quality sushi dishes exemplified with great customer service. Some recommended sushi rolls are the sweetheart roll, lobster crunch roll, chicken rolls, or enjoy happy hour seven days a week from Monday to Thursday with some yellowfin tuna carpaccio or soft shell crab appetizers.

Nagoya Sushi

Nagoya Sushi is a small area but definitely, allows for a quiet and enjoyable conversation with a date or a friend. Tucked into an easily missed hideaway, Nagoya is a long-standing gem of Restaurant Row, there is also a second location in East Orlando in Winter Springs. Soups and other special dishes from the kitchen read: no sushi will not disappoint. For bigger groups, mouthwatering boats such as the $50 Love Boat for two are treats for the eyes and the stomach!

Dragonfly Robata Grill & Sushi

Dragonfly’s interests of Japanese bar culture is taken very seriously, thus making it an experience you won’t forget. Dining in at a soothing lounge environment, Dragonfly serves sushi, sashimi, and robatayaki (open-fire grill) tapas-style. Dragonfly is definitely a great place to dine whether you’re doing business or on a romantic date.

Sharing is encouraged which allows diners in the same party to freely sample several different dishes. Devoted sushi fans can take advantage of the daily happy hour specials from 5 to 7 p.m.

Sushi Tomi

Sushi Tomi has recommended by a flock of other Japanese sushi experts for quite a few years now. Many customers enjoy this restaurant’s beautifully crafted sushi and sashimi dishes, perhaps even more so for their creative and professionally prepared dishes as their tender slices of fresh fish radiate savor from just a glance. Like many of the best sushi joints in Orlando, it is in an unknown location. Don’t let the ordinary exterior give you any negative thoughts. Quality cuisine and friendly staffers keep folks a regular customer.

Umi Japanese Restaurant

You can beat that seafood, sashimi and sushi lovers are convinced Umi’s super fresh and creatively prepared dishes is one of Orlando’s best restaurants. The restaurant’s ample selection of meats and vegetables allow sushi enthusiasts freedom to select whatever they want. Enjoy a charming cocktail and eat out on the Park Avenue sidewalk in Winter Park. A large wine, beer, and sake selection makes happy hour extra fun. The creative sushi rolls, robatayaki meats, and seafood were delicious. It’s amazing here with great staff, give a taste to the Japanese burger or the desserts!

Hana Sushi

Hana Sushi is inarguably one of the best small Japanese sushi restaurants with high-quality dishes which is in the Renaissance Center in Altamonte Springs next to Chili’s. Hana Sushi features a clean and relaxing atmosphere with many unique rolls. The spicy salmon, crunchy tuna, cucumber roll, and specialty rolls were a good start with the rolls. The food and friendly staff at Hana Sushi was enjoyable. The sashimi and nigiri is definitely a great experience to try when you’re out on a date or having a quick lunch with friends.

Fujiyama Sushi

Not far from the circumference of UCF, Fujiyama is located in a plaza next to Publix. The menu features an impressive selection of traditional and specialty rolls, upon entering, you will notice a lot of occupied tables. The dragon roll, volcano roll, and dancing eel roll were extremely mouthwatering and delicious. It is a very nice and tidy sushi place and they serve their ingredients fresh! Fujiyama Sushi also runs a lunch special until 3 pm where you can get two rolls for the price or nine dollars or three rolls for an extra two dollars. The service was quick and the staff was friendly. The sushi was satisfying and filling. For those who hasn’t tried Fujiyama, maybe you should stop by during your next lunch break.




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